Alex Zelenin

Head of Art | Product Manager | Producer
Alex is a creative leader with 15 years of product and game development experience with a focus on product management, design, innovation, and art production.

Joining Mursion as a founding member in 2015, he scaled a global team through three rounds of funding producing VR simulations for 200 clients, including 47 Fortune 1000 partners. Prior to Mursion, Alex worked in the gaming industry on titles for Facebook, PC, Xbox 360 & PS3, published an original mobile game on Apple & Android marketplace, led laser-scanning efforts for historical preservation projects, and designed education-focused STEM interactive for youths in K-12. Latest WorkAlex Zelenin


Mursion Simulations with lifelike avatars, full-body mocap animation, and interactive environments.

Next-Gen Avatars developed in a realistic art style using scan-based techniques for the Unity engine.

Immersive Environments developed and optimized for VR and the Unity engine.

Classroom Simulations with current-gen K-12 avatars, neurodivergent avatars, behavioral mocap animation, and interactive environments.

EA Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf courses developed for the PS3, Xbox 360, Facebook, and Browser.

Periwinkle™ an original 2D side-scrolling mobile adventure game that allows players to gather pigeons and build a flock while exploring 16 beautifully hard-crafted worlds.

ChronoPoints – Laser Scanning A historical preservation project documenting the life and culture of communities through its structures and artifacts.

ChronoLeap – The Great World’s Fair Adventure A PC experience that utilizes the setting of the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair as an educational platform for exploring STEM for youths 8 to 13.

3D Projects rendered in Maya, Unity, and Unreal.

Artwork authored using pen, pencil, and charcoal.

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