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Designer / Game Artist

WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                          

Minty Owl Games                                                                                                                                                                                                                06/12 – Present
CG Artist / Founder

An iOS side-scrolling adventure game that allows players to gather pigeons and build a flock while exploring the world and navigating through dangers.

• Conceptualized all characters, environments and created original IP.
• Planned 18 month production and utilized iterative development.
• Created all 2D, 3D, GUI game assets, and sprite animations.
• Developed player interaction and gameplay mechanics.
• Designed and play tested 2 worlds/16 individual levels.
• Polished game features, menus and GUI transitions.
• Recorded and mixed all triggered SFX.
• Optimized assets for various iOS platforms.
• Built official website and created marketing plan.

University of Central Florida, Institute for Simulation and Training, SREAL.                                                                                                         10/10 – Present
Lead Environment Artist / 3D Scan Specialist 

3D Laser Scanning

• Scanned historical sites utilizing FARO’s S120 and X330 scanners.
• Established production pipelines for scan data utilizing Scene, Pointools and Geomagic.
• Registered scan data utilizing physical targets and manual alignment.
• Animated and rendered camera flythroughs utilizing Pointools.
• Converted and decimated scan data into geometry utilizing Geomagic.
• Modeled highly accurate engine-ready assets from high polygon reference meshes.
• Created videos and presentation materials for various projects.

ChronoLeap: The Great World’s Fair Adventure
A search and discover PC game, that utilizes the setting of the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair as an educational platform for exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics for youths 8 to 12.

• Modeled and textured over 60 historic pavilions and vehicles from dated photography.
• Developed OGRE engine workflow pipeline and production tools for art team of 4.
• Collaborated with graphics engineers and headed shader design and implementation.
• Rigged and animated NPC characters and interactive vehicle mini-games.
• Produced library of over 50 repeatable and instanced game assets.
• Exported and integrated all 9 game levels into OGRE asset framework.
• Conceptualized key gameplay elements and player experiences.
• Mixed and mastered all spacial sound and triggered SFX.
• Collected and analyzed player feedback and gameplay data.
• Tuned game flow and player environment interactions.
• Scheduled 3D production in accordance with budgetary deadlines.
• Managed and trained temporary employees and student interns.

NEHQR – (National Endowment for the Humanities QR Code)
An online Unity based research project that examines the ‘Virtuous Circle’ between the brick and mortar and virtual representation of the Queens Museum in New York City.

• Developed using Unity v4.3 game engine, editor, and tools.
• Designed virtual research project experience and web component.
• Scripted player game interactivity and GUI functionality.
• Modeled and textured all 2D and 3D game assets.
• Tuned shaders, light maps and screen effects.

Electronic Arts – Tiburon                                                                                                                                                                                                       10/09 – 10/10
Environment Artist

PGA Tour Golf Challenge for Facebook
• Developed using Unity v3.0 game engine, editor, and tools.
• Collaborated with Art Lead to establish visual style.
• Iterated with input from Dev. Director, Sr. Producer, and Art Lead.
• Built and tuned assets for the online Facebook pipeline.
• Debugged and polished while working with QA.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
• Developed using Unity v2.6 game engine, editor, and tools.
• Optimized assets according to art specifications.
• Built and converted assets for the online pipeline.
• Debugged and polished while working with QA.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Xbox360/PS3
• Modeled and textured structures, props, and foliage.
• Built scenes according to reference images.
• Exported and integrated assets.
• Collaborated with next-gen team to reach milestones and deadlines.

IST- Media Convergence Laboratory                                                                                                                                                                                   02/07 – 08/08
Lead CG Artist

Lunar Lunge
An MR experience designed to explore the application of immersive simulation for youths ages 11-18.
• Virtually recreated portions of a military training facility.
• Assisted in developing and conceptualizing robotic enemies.
• Modeled and rigged three robots used to test for virtual awareness.

Mixed Reality Everglades
A learning experience integrating scientific data and state-of-the-art virtualization tools.
• Designed exhibits for the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science.
• Previsualized reef and air boat ride exhibit structural layouts.
• Modeled 30 Florida native animals used for other proposed exhibits.

University of Central Florida MS, Interactive Entertainment Orlando FL. Dec. 2009
University of Central Florida BA, Digital Media, Interactive Systems Orlando, FL. May 2008
Full Sail University AS, Computer Animation Winter Park, FL. Nov. 2005

2nd Place: Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence 2008

Proficient in reading, writing and interpreting in Russian.

Expert: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Unity, Illustrator, After Affects, Premiere, Scene, dDo, nDo
Experienced: Studio Max, Unreal, Perforce, Geomagic, Pointools, TexturePacker, Audacity
Basic Knowledge: Final Cut Pro, DevTrack, Flash, XACT, TortoiseSVN, Vicon Blade 2,